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Corellian Global Investments

Corellian Global Investments is a multi faceted, Foreign Exchange focused financial services firm. Founded in 2016 we offer a full spectrum FX solution that includes Asset Management, Capital Trading, Hedging, Advisory, Execution and Educational segments. Innovation is integral to our beliefs. Our foundations and relationships are incredibly important to us and are based on the principle that our employees, partners and clients are all part of our extended family. Together, we strive to build a sustainable group of businesses under one banner that will provide unique solutions in a very difficult climate.

What We Do

We are an absolute return FX specialist that aims to deliver a consistent Alpha profile by operating multiple strategies in our portfolio construction that inherently leverage the expertise of our team and characteristics of the product in which we specialise.

We work from a fundamental Global Macro strategy that we apply across the entire investment curve. Daily volatility allows us to augment our alpha earnings by never forgetting the event driven scenarios that occur in real time.

Our Culture

Our organic development is reliant on a core set of beliefs. Honesty, Integrity, Creativity and Discipline are the cornerstones from which our legacy will be achieved.

It is these beliefs that define us and set us apart. We align and work with all our partners to better understand the Global Financial landscape in order to deliver optimal performance and value across all aspects of the Corellian group.