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We provide bespoke business and infrastructure management, hedging strategy and execution services that allow the client to streamline their own requirements in the FX world.

Given the nature of global markets it is important to remember that a lack of focus in this arena can make it incredibly hard to monetise and effectively manage FX risks. At Corellian we work with the client to understand their requirements in the short and longer-term horizons. We tailor the strategy to allow for timelines, goals, costs, change in environment, global macro and geo-political events to name but a few. We utilise skillsets attained over 30 years witnessing how destructive FX markets can be. We react and structure according to the concerns of the client.

How are you hedged against possible scenarios such as:

A hard Brexit – Dysfunctional government and execution leads GBP to weaken. GBP/USD drops a further 20% – How does it affect your balance sheet and what can you do about it?

A new referendum – A complete unravelling of the Brexit referendum that saw GBP/USD trade from 1.60 to 1.20 in the first instance? GBP/USD back at 3 year highs – Are you prepared?

Contagion in the Eurozone – Would you contemplate a round of referendums in the Eurozone itself. What if we had exit conversations and proposed referendums in Germany, France and Spain?

How do you alter your global infrastructure to cope with the return of legacy currencies such as Marks, Francs and Pesos. Nineteen more exposures to consider?

These are a few of many risks that the developed world face. We can help you answer all these questions and more to better prepare yourselves for any eventuality.

Our team have faced the so called "Black Swan Events" such as these and can tailor a strategy to mitigate the risks some people may not deem important or in fact possible. We are here to work with and help you prepare for any eventuality.

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